lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Argentina thawed the price of biodiesel

Planning Minister Julio De Vido, undertook to update the domestic price of biodiesel that remains frozen from the Ministry of Interior established Comercion Supply Act for the entire marketing chain liquid fuels.

Urgente24 reported 8 / 11 that negotiations were between the producers and the government to unfreeze the internal value of biodiesel derived from soybean (see related). However, the conflict would come to an end for the pressures of the association that brings together workers in the sector. site reported, the update of prices was rushed by a demonstration of the Union of Petroleum private gas and biofuels San Lorenzo, Santa Fe, which warned of the effect of this freeze on jobs.

"It is the role of union leaders to defend the workers, the union is the only
tool that workers have to enforce their rights, "said Ruben Perez, secretary general of the union, who at the situation of the sector had said that SMEs are planning advanced suspensions and holidays for staff. "We prepared all the logistics to make roadblocks," he threatened.

But after a meeting with the national government with De Vido and Javier Urquiza coordinator of the National Biofuels Program of the Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services, an agreement was reached.

"We made it clear that defending the workers, there were formal commitment from that in 10 days will fix the problem and fixed the prices of biofuels for oil companies, which as so far not been published to increase the price of soybeans , the companies lost about $ 30,000 "was what he said the unionist.

Thus, the price is set at $ 3,920 to $ 4,200 in November and December. Currently the price is $ 3,769 a tonne, equivalent to 1,136 liters, for the domestic market catering to oil companies.

Exports grow

Biodiesel exports between January and October this year accumulated a total of U.S. $ 994 million, a 37.8% higher than those recorded in 2009, even though the court did not apply to diesel oil required for domestic consumption, implemented by the Law 26.093 .

At this rate, exports of biofuel end the year at around U.S. $ 1,200 million, which would be above the value of exports of gas oil, gasoline and fuel oil.

During the meeting of the value chain of the Biofuels organized by the Argentina Association of Biofuels and Hydrogen, is recalled that the industry's installed capacity is 2 million tonnes of production and new investment grows up.

Speaking of the prospects for biofuel production, the engineer Fernando Peláez anticipated that in 2010, are being exported one million tons of biodiesel, plus the placement of 300 thousand tons in the domestic market.

The mandatory cut gas oil to biodiesel began the first day of 2010 with five percent in the aggregate to fossil fuel equivalent to about 600 thousand tons of biodiesel.

This summer, the cut was extended to 7% given the installed capacity of the manufacturing industry and domestic market needs.

Globally, Argentina ranks fourth in the production of biodiesel after Germany, France, and close to Brazil.

But, it is estimated that the leadership in the production and export of biodiesel for Argentina is in full expansion phase with a potential market in the world where demand is growing.

"Argentina's biodiesel industry will have a sustained growth in the dissertation Peláez ventured.

Source Urgente 24

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