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Australia wants to became the world capital of biofuels


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The Australian company producing biofuel, Muradel part in G'Day USA event, organized by the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) to meet its goal of turning Australia into "the Saudi biofuel industry."

As part of a venture in conjunction with Murdoch University, the University of Adelaide and the business partner SQC, Muradel representatives visited San Diego this week, the global center of biofuels from algae.

"The establishment of Muradel is the next important step for Australia to become a leader in biofuel production," said Michael Borowitzka, Murdoch University professor.

Graeme Barty, Austrade's regional director for the Americas, said the algae, also known as green algae ponds can be very useful, reports news.com.au.

Professor Michael Borowitzka, Murdoch University. (Photo: murdoch.edu.au)
"Algae of ponds have great potential for biofuel production to large-sized vehicles, including boats, planes and trains. Technology collaboration, capacity and sites between Australia and the U.S. can help advance the industry, "he said.

The firm built a plant to test algae, worth AUD 3.3 million (USD 3.28 million) in Karratha, Western Australia, to test the third generation of biofuel production.

Australia provides an ideal environment for algae production, thanks to its warm waters, the plains, brackish water and access to large amounts of carbon dioxide.

"The Australian industry is highly experienced in managing large sources of energy and resource projects and companies recognize this experience as a very important issue when large investments," said Barty.

The manager noted that Australia and captured a great interest from U.S. investors.

"The focus of this new company is to realize, from the point of view, a large-scale business that highlights the natural advantages of the Australian environment, causing algae to renewable fuel products from biomass," he said Borowitzka . "Our research team proved that it is possible to grow large quantities of algae for commercial production of biofuel."

Murdoch University brings expertise in the commercial production of algae and their products and expertise of the University of Adelaide engineering focuses on the processing of seaweed. Thus, the company of South Australia, SQC Pty Ltd, is developing the commercial processing of the biomass of micro algae oil products and renewable fuels in particular, reports AgConnection Wisconsin.

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