lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Spain: New Toreno biodiesel plant with an investment of 2.5 billion euros

The first biodiesel plant in the region of Bierzo will have production capacity in the month of April and will be "fully operational" in the summer. This was confirmed from the company Vecernegy Bida, promoter of the plant, after stating that the work has already begun and that the execution time is only one and a half. The investment for the development of this infrastructure is 23.5 million euros and the aim is to produce 120,000 tonnes of biodiesel, which come from different vegetable oils, including waste and animal fats. Bida Vecernegy technology allows a biodiesel meets the European quality standard EN 14214, head of future generation technologies of fuel production.

"We will work in three shifts because the assembly must be completed by March 31," said the technical manager of the plant, Francisco Barba. Work has already begun, through a subcontract to the company Manceñido, in the hamlet of El toreniense Campón on a plot of 28,800 square meters on the side of the highway just before reaching Toreno.

Beard announced that this week, between Tuesday and Wednesday, will begin with the pillars and the machine "is ready." Civil works completed on 10 and will then start the installation and gear of all parts that are terminated will be performed while some construction work. The building will have a plant of 1,200 square meters and a height of twelve meters.

For the plant is capable of producing in early April, the work must be completed almost a week earlier. Thus, in the second half of March will begin at the peak Campón to meet deadlines.

The biodiesel plant in Toreno Bida Vecernegy create 22 jobs in addition to producing direct 120.00 tonnes of biodiesel a year will also generate 13,200 tons of glycerin. The Board granted the environmental impact report to the plant in December 2009.

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