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The bioethanol sales in Spain rose by 56.6% in 2010 and biodiesel increased by 32.8%

In this article published by EuropaPress realizes as the biofuels segment focused on the bioetano grew more than any other but also reflects the general growth of the sector.

Annual sales of bioethanol increased by 56.6% in 2010, to 468,470 meters cubic, while biodiesel increased by 32.88% to 1.554 million cubic meters, according to the annual report on the use of biofuels Spain of the National Commission of Energy (CNE).

In terms of volume represent 5.56% of total diesel fuel and 6.22% of automotive gasoline sold in 2010.

The final number of certificates listed totaled 1.45 million, 1.212 million of biofuels in diesel (5% vs. 3.9%) and almost reach the individual target of biofuels in gasoline (3.88% vs 3.9% ). As the overall goal, scored after the certificates have been adjusted transfers exempt from payment threshold of 4.78%.

Regarding biodiesel, most of the consumed was produced mainly from soybeans and palm. Spain has fallen to 8.29% its stake in the raw materials used to manufacture biodiesel and also decreased the percentage produced in the country, although still above 50%. The second largest producer of biodiesel consumed in Spain was Argentina, which doubled its weight over the previous year.

Meanwhile, the ethanol consumed was produced mainly from sugar cane (36%), corn (30.96%) and wheat (19.54%). Meanwhile, Brazil has moved into first place in terms of countries growing feedstock, followed by Spain. Should also be noted that decreased the percentage of bioethanol produced in Spain (48.79%).
Based on raw materials stated in the certification system, biofuels sold in Spain would have allowed an overall reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases estimated at 43% (37% for the use of biodiesel and 68% for bioethanol) .
On the other hand, the CNE has updated its forecast of demand, concluding that the estimated sales of biofuel could be achieved, so adjusted, the individual target in gasoline, but would remain below the target individual diesel and also the overall target in 2012 and 2013.

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