jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Palm Biodiesel is not renewable fuel

Uraba is a flagship site in the history of infamy in Colombia.

Massacres, labor exploitation, mistreatment of civilians and massive land thefts are facts recorded in the region suffered for decades. Hence, it is worth noting the initiative of the villagers, backed by President Santos, to make a symbolic march on Saturday in Necocli. Thousands of farmers marched to call for "our land back" and "less violence and more housing." Santos said: "We want reconciliation, peace, development. Nobody will stop us." And yes, that's what this country needs: more development. But not just any kind of development, since the anti-model we have followed until now only generates further environmental degradation and poverty and inequality.

Therefore, the land restitution process, which started in good time this government can not just simply sharing them. It is necessary to consider other factors. For example: Is it appropriate to continue encouraging monoculture-like palm-in Urabá, Magdalena Medio and other sites? Are these crops suitable for the environment and the economy? One of the arguments of its defenders is that the fuel of the palm is "sustainable." However, a recent report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned: "Biodiesel made from palm oil does not meet the requirements to be incorporated into the renewable fuels program, because their emissions of greenhouse gases are too high. " Therefore, "the oil companies can not use it to meet national standards for renewable fuels." "A fuel that is based on deforestation for fuel production is not sustainable at all," said environmentalist gringos.

For completeness, palm oil is questioned in several countries when used in food preparation. This year I read several announcements of European food products that stand out (as lead) that they do not contain "no artificial colors or synthetic preservatives, no ... palm oil." Among others, object to its use in the preparation of dangerous trans fats and high in saturated fat. Hence, to be analyzed more seriously embark convenience in the country is this type of project, for which demand is seriously compromised by environmental arguments and public health.

Source: http://www.vanguardia.com/opinion/columnistas/jairo-puentes-bruges/143519-biodiesel-de-palma-no-es-combustible-renovable

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