martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Uruguay will blend 5% of biodiesel in diesel

The Biofuels Act states that from 2012 onwards ANCAP mix 5% biodiesel in diesel, appropriated a report from the portal of the President.

Juan Gomez, a member of the board of the company, explained that this will be possible if it can increase domestic production, which is expected to reach after construction of the biodiesel plant in Montevideo. He added that the law is not mandatory, as it requires to meet the 5% of the mixture to use domestic raw materials. John Gomez said that to achieve this figure this year will begin to build in Paysandú bioethanol plant in Montevideo and the biodiesel plant, which will comply with the proposed by law. These works will involve an investment of U.S. $ 130 million.

The official clarified that the law is not mandatory, since it establishes that the mixture is necessary to have domestic raw materials. In the absence of that commodity, ANCAP is not required to comply with the law. The law also sets time limits, which also rely on domestic production. In the case of gasoline, by 2015 the mixture should be 5% and in the case of establishing a 2% biodiesel blend by 2011, and from 2012 by 5%.

Gomez recalled that the first phase of biodiesel began a couple of years and the country has a small plant in cousa in Montevideo. This will be complemented with phase two will produce 55 million liters of biodiesel per year, which can meet the 5% set.

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