domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Falls precipitously of Spanish biodiesel production

"The Spanish industry for biodiesel has definitely entered a terminal phase, which ends with its virtual disappearance unless the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) quickly published in the Official Gazette (BOE) the Order of Assignment of biodiesel , which was completely processed during the last term, as APPA, the association of Spanish producers.

"The magnitude of the tragedy is evident in the light of recent data: imports of biodiesel, almost entirely from Argentina and Indonesia, reached in the last quarter of 2011 a 89% share of the Spanish market", they say.

Despite increased demand for biodiesel, the production of domestic industry declined in 2011 for the first time in history, collapsing almost 50% and placing the average ratio of capacity utilization in only 14%. "Unfortunately, the biodiesel industry is in the final," said Alfonso Ausín, president of APPA, who said "just a quick and decisive action of the new government can still save this productive and their jobs."

Spain has 50 manufacturing plants that struggle to compete
The crisis that drags the Spanish industry for biodiesel for several years is caused by unfair competition from Argentina and Indonesia, countries implementing a system of differential export taxes (TDE) levied by the lesser extent biodiesel that matters raw materials used for manufacturing, says the association.

This gives both countries an artificial competitive advantage, estimated at more than 100 euros per ton of biodiesel, which has led to paralysis in the majority of the fifty plants in Spain, including extending the bankruptcy proceedings and employment regulations, without even the largest factories are able to endure this situation for much longer.

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