jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Spain: Andritz Hydro providers

The president of the Navarra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Javier Tavern and Vice President of Andritz Hydro, Alexander Schwab, in the presence of the ambassador of Austria in Spain, Rudolf Lennkh, have signed on Tuesday an agreement to locate suppliers for Andritz Hydro Navarre, multinational renewable energy. More than 40 companies in Navarre have been submitted to the Austrian company as potential suppliers.

PAMPLONA. Andritz Hydro seeks suppliers that may result in improved competitiveness. The agreement also seeks to Navarre businesses have the opportunity to contact and do business with a world leader in clean energy market, as reported by the Chamber of Commerce in a note.

Specifically, the purpose of this agreement focuses on identifying and promoting Navarra companies that can provide services, supplies and supplies of the highest quality and competitiveness at Andritz Hydro, and discover potential complementarities and synergies that could result in more competitive Andritz and suppliers.

After the signing, Schwab has offered a conference on the future of renewable energy in which, among other things has analyzed future technologies, smart grids and use of marine currents for power generation.

Andritz company that is headquartered in Graz / Austria has over 180 production sites and offices worldwide and has 16,700 employees worldwide. In 2011, the group achieved sales of EUR 4.596 million (29.3% more than in 2010), according to the Navarre Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In addition, the company has five business divisions (Andritz Hydro, Andritz Pulp & Paper, Metals Metal Andritz Andritz Environment & Process and Andritz Feed & Biofuel) dedicated to hydropower equipment, producing all kinds of fibrous material, paper, cardboard, paper handkerchiefs, napkins, plates for fiber production and processing of stainless steel and carbon, systems, plants and services for hard-liquid separation of animal feed production and wood pellets

Andritz Hydro is the largest division of the group with a 7,285 employees worldwide. Electromechanical equipment and supplies turnkey services ("Water to Wire") for hydropower plants with a leading position in the growing market for power generation.

Also, according to the Chamber of Commerce, has more than 170 years of experience in the field of manufacture and repair of turbines, with more than 30,000 wind turbines installed 400,000 MW and involving more than 120 years of experience in electrical power systems generation. In 2011, sales reached 1,773 million euros.

In addition, Andritz Hydro has established itself as the leader in services and rehabilitation of existing hydropower plants, as in the construction and rehabilitation of central Compact. His most recent field of activity is power generation using ocean currents in coastal areas, for example, Kvalsundet plant (near Hammerfest) in Norway.

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