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Argentina identifies that alcohol use in Biofuels

Buenos Aires, May 31 (Telam). - The National Wine Institute (INV) ordered the identification of alcohol suitable for use in biofuels.This, in Resolution C. 21/2012 published today in the Official Gazette, the INV Table modified numerical and alphabetical codes Wine Products.

Ethanol is the anhydrous ethyl alcohol obtained from dehydration of ethyl alcohol from the distillation and rectification of the fermentation of sugars formed or contained in plant products, recalls the standard.And that the anhydrous ethyl alcohol is obtained from a hydrated ethyl alcohol produced in distillation.

Therefore, the resolution says, "it is necessary that this product is clearly identified in such premises, which will bring with it have better information on the amount of hydrated ethanol to be allocated to the production of anhydrous ethanol for biofuel" .

Consequently, "it is necessary to create a new product code that clearly identifies that hydrated ethyl alcohol fuel, which shall have the sole target a anhidradora".

The local anhidradora is the distillation, drying or storage of anhydrous ethyl alcohol for mixing with gasoline for the production of biofuels, he says.

The characteristics of "fuel hydrated ethyl alcohol" are: alcohol, at least 93% v / v; higher alcohols, maximum 1600 mg/100 ml methanol, up to 400 mg/100 ml total acidity, 3 mg/100 ml, and appearance, clear, colorless to slightly yellow to yellow-green.This product will only destination for dehydration Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol to Biofuel and therefore the only type of movement that can be done from the depositary facility is its discharge pipe for transfer or bound to a anhidradora he says. (Telam)Undo edits

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