sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Argentina: Not yet published or domestic price or mobile retention in Argentina

The official uncertainty generates a high degree of uncertainty in local entrepreneurs. "The plants still stops," said the owner of an SME. Next week meet with Guillermo Moreno.

In recent days was growing uncertainty among entrepreneurs biodiesel since the national government has not published the internal reference price or value of the product which will be located in the floor of the mobile retention theoretically fixed by 19%.

"We are a serious problem because while formalizing delay such decisions, the plants still stops without any expectations," he told a prominent businessman Infocampo sector.

On Wednesday of next week could come to be some kind of change with respect to the publication of the domestic price and the value of the mobile holding a meeting to keep a group of entrepreneurs with Interior Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno.

"We leave that meeting with more details in order to bring good news to the companies," added the source consulted.

Meanwhile, it was learned that the owners of the first biodiesel production plant in the south of the province of Buenos Aires (Biofuels Tres Arroyos SA) announced the closure of the factory by the impossibility to meet the costs involved in its operation.

"It's the first time we make a decision bitter touches like this. We are eight partners and what hurts most is having to tell people that we can not," said Ronnny Kuhlmann, president of the firm.

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