domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Argentine biodiesel exporters claim that the European dumping complaint is "unfounded and inconsistent"

Argentine exporters of biodiesel described as "unfounded and inconsistent" allegations of the European Biodiesel Board. Also announced they will participate actively in the antidumping investigation that will carry the European Community, in order to clarify the issue.

After the European Commission published in the Official Gazette the notice of initiation of an anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of biodiesel originating in Argentina and Indonesia, on the basis of a complaint by the European Biodiesel Board, CARBIO, the entity representing exporters of biodiesel from Argentina, said in a statement that "all members of the House companies provide an active research collaboration that the European Commission must carry".

"Exporters of biodiesel from Argentina reiterate that participate in this research in order to prove that the allegations made by the European Association of biodiesel (European Biodiesel Board-EBB-) are unfounded and inconsistent," he said in his comunciado CARBIO.
Biodiesel exporters expect the European Commission completed its investigation and abandon the idea of ​​imposing anti-dumping duties on exports of biodiesel from Argentina. "

European research comes after that in April, the government of Spain arrange for the extra biodiesel import ban, prompting a formal complaint from Argentina to the World Trade Organization.

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