martes, 25 de diciembre de 2012

Cuba: New biofactories increase green fuel production

Cuba seeks to reduce its imports of fuel and reduce pollution that remains to launched a plan to open five biofactories to produce ecological fuel from non-edible oil tree known as "jug Sprocket".

The scientific name of this bush is "Jotropha curcas", has a highly oleaginous seed and is used traditionally in the island as intestinal parasite, but in small doses for toxicity, according to a local television report.

Cuba already has about 110 hectares of this tree, their seeding is feasible even in "areas of little or no agricultural value," say the specialists of the project that has the support of the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation.

The first industrie was opened in Guantánamo, on the eastern tip of the island, with a production capacity of over 100 tons of fuel per year. Parallel is found in testing a similar plant in the center of the country and plans to install three more in the western province of Matanzas.

The first vehicle enabled with this biodiesel produced in Cuba, toured uncomplicated their first 1,500 kilometers, technical assured Applied Research Center for Sustainable Development. "Part of the first 400 liters obtained were used, 70 percent mixed with mineral diesel in a rural vehicle model Toyota HI LUX 2007," confirmed the director of the agency, Engineer Jose Sotolongo.

The government develops initiatives to achieve savings on fuel costs and late Cuba hopes to generate one-sixth of the electricity consumed from renewable sources.

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