miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

Argentine claim to the World Trade Organization by European tariffs on imports of biodiesel

Argentina filed a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO ) by the decision of the European Union (EU ) to implement punitive import tariffs biodiesel South American country for alleged false and dumping.

The move was a blow to the world's largest exporter of biofuels , whose industry was severely affected by previous restrictions applied by the EU while investigating if Argentina biodiesel sold below cost at the expense of European producers.

Argentina's Foreign Ministry called the protectionist EU decision to start implementing since late November last an average tariff of 24.6 % for the Argentine biodiesel and said seeks to protect inefficient European producers. The block passed a similar measure against biofuel produced by Indonesia.

"Instead of undertaking reforms to improve its competitiveness , European industry has sought and achieved an administrative measure in Brussels , totally arbitrary , closing the European market to competition from efficient producers of biodiesel ," he added .

The WTO will now have 60 days to find an agreed solution between the parties. If no agreement is reached , Argentina requested the establishment of a panel to resolve the dispute. The EU was the main buyer of biodiesel from Argentina .

According to the Argentina Chamber of Biofuels , which represents companies such as Bunge and Louis Dreyfus Commodities , the losses for the country will exceed 1,000 billion this year.

In 2011 , the last year in which shipments are normally performed , exports to the EU totaled 1.750 million , up from just 500 million planned for 2013 , which could fall to zero in 2014 with new tariffs full force.

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