martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Argentina: certify biodiesel from used oil

The National Industrial Technology Institute began certifying biodiesel from used vegetable oil, in order to provide a regulatory framework that encourages the production and reduce costs.

This certification is aimed at small plants with a production volume of no more than 30 cubic meters per day, and a reactor volume up to 2.7 cubic meters (2.7 m3).

According to the INTI, so far there were no valid parameters of national certification to establish the quality of biodiesel produced from used vegetable oil (biodiesel AVU).

Now, specialists from the agency developed these parameters, based on international standards, applied to two years of local work.

Thus, was made available in the industry called "Technical Regulations Plant Biodiesel from Used Vegetable Oil", which converge product standards, test methods and field experience accumulated by the Institute.

Indicators are also presented for optimal performance of the production process, reducing the volume of raw materials and minimizing environmental impact.

The certification process is open to all users who wish to ensure the quality of its product on its own initiative, through the analysis and audits of the plant production system.

The AVU Biodiesel certification ensures that quality is optimal, and significantly lower cost for use in work vehicles for municipalities, agricultural activities, public transport and electric generators.

Certification can be used by producers as an opportunity to maximize efficiency, raising its quality standards.

Thus, INTI offers producers the opportunity to have a tool that allows for optimum quality of product and process for biodiesel AVU, encouraging the development of this fuel with responsibility across the country.

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