miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

Spanish biodiesel Crisis

The lack of market for its production has plunged into a deep crisis Entaban biodiesel plant, located in Caneliñas. This follows from the labor situation in the complex and the statements of the Development Manager of the company, José Luis López.

The facilities were inaugurated in June 2008 after an investment of about 48 million euros. It started with about forty workers, mostly young people of the region. That does not generate environmentally friendly fuel produced, however, a trickle of casualties over the months that led to the implementation of an ERE in July last year. Affected five workers who, beyond this period, have been dismissed as sources have confirmed the workers and, subsequently, confirmed the link Entaban union.

Currently the resort has only ten workers engaged in "maintenance."

Asked about the situation, José Luis López simply noted yesterday that the situation is "very difficult, but not just for ourselves but for the industry 'and that the company is" the expectation "of the implementation of a order to encourage domestic biodiesel import front, thus easing the situation.

A closing?

Acknowledged the high office of Entaban that "without cause" can not maintain employment. And asked about a hypothetical closure of the site declined to make statements about appealing to the board of directors of the firm and these "expectations" concerning government's protectionist measures.

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